It is indeed wonderful to see the kind of progress we have made in the area of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery over the last decade. India being a powerful hub for research and the place where clinical abundance meets technology, it is but natural there will be a strong focus on and the growth of this specialty here. Unfortunately, the space for the collation and the dissemination of information and knowledge in this area is not just as evolved.


MISSI is an initiative intended to bridge this gap. It has already begun to fulfill this promise by hosting two successful conference-chapters – MISSICON 2014 in Ahmedabad and MISSICON 2015 in Mumbai. The events saw leading spine specialists gathering together under one roof to exchange knowledge, share experiences, conduct workshops… in all, enrich and grow our resource bank for the benefit of humanity. MISSICON 2016 is already scheduled to be in Delhi.


On the whole, I see MISSI as perhaps the one and only spine-focused organisation with members and pioneers who have varied experience in the varied forms of minimal access spine surgery ranging from the cervical to the coccyx.


These very people will facilitate peer –to-peer the up-gradation of knowledge, honing of skills, sharing of experiences while making way for the discussion of cases at length. Unique benefits of membership indeed that will take each one of our members further in this area of expertise.


I invite orthopaedic and neuro-surgeons to become a part of MISSI and take this initiative forward for their professional growth and for the greater benefit of humanity.


Warm regards,

Dr. Arvind Jaiswal

Founder President, MISSAB

I Dr. Shrinivas Rohidas, neurosurgeon of a small city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra feels happy to have this presidential address for annual conference at Hyderabad 2018.  We have experienced the development of endoscopic techniques since 2002 since I started endoscopic spine surgery with Destandau’s technique. Technology has changed a lot since then, for example HD camera image changes the appreciation of endoscopic anatomy. Developments in instruments like endoscopic drills used in transforaminal approach, interlaminar approach with development of Kerrison punches, etc. has changed the awareness among young spine surgeons.


Now there is added responsibility on our shoulders to honestly present the results, complications, problems in our own learning curve, etc. so that young spine surgeons are attracted towards this budding super speciality.


Also we should not run behind the goal of achieving the gold standards in endoscopic spine surgery/ minimally invasive spine surgery, while always comparing the existing gold standard- the microscopic discectomy. We should not run behind 100% goal which is really unreachable, but we should, work hard for reachable goal like- everyday learning, training through our mistakes and by that improvements every day even after vast experience.


I welcome all the faculty and delegates to the auspicious event MISSAB 2018 at Hyderabad.


Warm regards,

Dr. Shrinivas Rohidas

Past President, MISSAB

Dear Friends,


We are in the midst of a pandemic, whose ultimate outcome is nowhere in sight. Lots have been written regarding Covid-19; its origin, clinical pattern, management and outcomes. It continues to baffle the medical community. It has destroyed livelihood of many, making even the most advanced economies to shutter businesses for a certain period. Its scale of destruction of all facets of humankind is unbelievable.


So, how should we cope?


Surgeons are brave-hearts. They have lots of confidence and their egos are second to none. Some of us have paid the ultimate price for throwing caution to the wind. Trying to be brave in the face of an enemy whose strength and weaknesses are not yet defined is foolhardy. None of us are considered weak if we play it cautious till we are capable of controlling this viral disease. Even war treatises have accepted tactical withdrawal in the face of brutal and superior enemy attack as a wise option. The ultimate goal is to emerge unscathed with new understanding of this monstrous entity.


I urge you all to err on the side of caution. In our country, as I write this, there seems to be an increasing trend in infection rates and in deaths. Many cities are in a vicious grip of this huge problem. In such cities, the surgeons should prepare themselves to take extreme precautions in handling the patients. However uncomfortable the PPEs are, it is necessary to be strict in following the “rules of engagement”.


It’s a time of financial instability. Nobody has an unending source of money. Many of our colleagues run institutions and are responsible for not just their own families but to many of their employees. Their responsibility to society can be huge. Also, political and governmental pressures are swinging from one policy to another. In such dynamic and unrestrained situations, the ability of an individual surgeon or a group to cope is under tremendous strain.


There are no ‘set’ rules. Each one of us has to face this with our own resilience and dignity. This too shall pass, if we survive to tell the tale.


It’s time to stay safe, remain cautious, follow proper ‘rules of engagement’( PPEs, hand washing, social distancing, masks etc) and emerge with grace.


On a happy note, MISSAB has just started the “Journal Club” webinar. The initial response is extremely encouraging. The idea is to participate and engage in sharing thoughts and experience in an ongoing effort to improve our understanding. I request the members to spread this “Journal Club” webinars in their forums.


Wishing you all a safe passage.


Yours truly,

Dr. Rajakumar Deshpande

Current President, MISSAB